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Trafficking Statistics

How big is the problem?
These are some of the estimated statistics.

$150 Bil

Global Profits from Trafficking Annually

800 k

Trafficked Across International Borders Every Year


Trafficking Victims are Women and Girls

4.8 Mil

Trafficking Victims are Sexually Exploited of which an estimated 2M are children

Latest Articles

Stay informed on the latest news regarding Human Trafficking and our attempt to lobby government.

MK Ultra
Eyes Wide Open EBook
September 4, 2018

CIA Child Trafficking, MK Ultra in Australia, Ritual Abuse and Mind Control and Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation and Trauma-Focused Integration.

Ritual Abuse
‘Extraordinary’ claims true: Catholic Church
December 14, 2018

Catholic Church admitted in writing that it accepted they were substantially true.

Ritual Abuse
Ritual abuse victim responds to critics
December 14, 2018

On Friday we revealed that the Catholic Church had accepted as substantially true revelations by an abuse victim that a Melbourne priest took part in satanic rituals where murders took place.

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